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About Dr. Hodson November 25th, rencontre fille garoua I began my journey into healthy living as a young mother in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, pregnant with my first child and searching for answers to raising healthy infants and children. These indigenous natives had exploited vast numbers of natural herbs, barks, trees, shrubs, fruits and plants as part of a healthy diet and used many to effectively heal their wounds and cure their illnesses. An environmental scientist neighbor of mine graciously spent many weekends over the following months, tramping through the backwoods of Ohio with me, together discovering and collecting these natural herbal wonders of Mother Earth. Upon discovering the vast bounty of our precious earth that has sustained all life for millions of years, I was hooked! Ohio woodlands During the ensuing decades, my footsteps traveled through exciting and demanding employment in the Western medical field while raising three rambunctious boys, and teaching university courses while completing my education in forensic, nutritional, medical, and environmental anthropology.

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